As the Italian philosopher Felix Gattari argued, traditional environmentalism is all about maintaining an anthropocentric view of the binary separation of human and non-human systems, obscuring the complexity of the relationship between humans and the natural environment. This neglected relationship is being pushed back into the heat in the age of the epidemic. Humans and nature are interdependent, and according to the BBC, our behaviour over the next 10 to 50 years will determine the future of humanity. If humans continue to develop in a self-centred manner and destroy ecology, the world will experience the sixth human-induced mass extinction.

This work shows the entire life cycle of the human being, from the emergence of life in the darkness, from conception in the womb to death. The candle is the community of humanity and the earth. If we continue to behave capriciously, the earth will fall apart with us. Then, with a sigh and a heartbeat stops, the sixth mass extinction comes to an end.

This is an experimental film lasting half an hour. In this age of “acceleration”, I hope the audience will stop in front of my work and “pause” to reflect on the relationship between humans and nature and the true meaning of life.